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Welcome to Medidata

Over 30 years experience providing healthcare database services

Medidata has over 30 years experience providing medical publishing and healthcare database services to the professional healthcare market. In fact, Medidata is the only company solely focused on this business in New Zealand.

Database Services

The Medidata Healthcare Professional Database is New Zealand's premier database of medical, pharmacy, dental, and veterinary professionals.

Direct Marketing

Medidata has over 30 years experience providing healthcare database and direct marketing services to the professional healthcare market.

Patient Familiarisation Programs

Medidata manages a series of patient familiarisation programs for new and existing medicines/devices.


SamplesFirst is a proprietary direct mail format which provides an effective and cost-efficient way for doctors to request product samples and patient support material.


For over 30 years, Medidata has supplied general practitioners with the Medidata Deskpad, and it has become a standard desktop accessory within most surgeries.

Data Rental

Data rental consists of either an annual database contract or limited casual data from the Medidata database.

  • I have worked with Gail and Helen at Medidata for several years. During this time they have always provided a professional, reliable service providing us with complete peace of mind on all our mailing projects. We would be lost without their expertise and efficiency.

  • Medidata Services Limited have assisted Wyeth Nutrition to deliver excellent customer service by sending out product sample and product replacement requests to both Health Care Professionals and consumers over the past 8 years

  • Thanks - I really do appreciate having such a proactive business partner!

    Dentsply Sirona Australia