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Vacant Territory Management

Medidata can support you by raising awareness of your brand and delivering your message to the HCPs that your reps can’t reach.

There is always a certain amount of pressure that arises when a territory becomes vacant. Pressure to fill the vacancy. Pressure to get the right person. Pressure to maintain momentum in that territory.

We can help to alleviate some of that pressure by utilising our suite of HCP engagement tools to ensure your message is still heard and your samples are still available in that territory - enabling you to focus on the important task of finding the right person for the role.

To support your reps to spend more time where they can make the most difference, we are also able to engage with the HCPs in the remote areas within territories that may fall outside your reps usual call-cycle, utilising our mailhouse services, ensuring their location isn’t a barrier to their adoption of your brand.

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