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Welcome to Medidata


Medidata has over 30 years experience providing healthcare database and marketing services to the professional healthcare market. In fact, Medidata is the only company solely focused on this business in New Zealand.

These services are based on the most comprehensive and accurate database of personnel and premises in the New Zealand healthcare industry. 
This database is a key resource across the healthcare sector, servicing the needs of various government and multi-national organisations wishing to communicate with healthcare professionals throughout New Zealand - by courier, mail, phone, fax or email.

This database is supplemented by a range of services which can be provided by Medidata - to develop and implement direct communications in any media - from production, to dissemination, to handling of responses and campaign reporting and analysis.

Our Team

Helen Roos

Business Manager
DDI: 09 488 4272

Helen has been with Medidata for 20 years and can manage all your data requirements and mailhouse services.

Sharon Weston

Business Development Manager
DDI: 09 488 4271

Sharon will shout you coffee and chat with your team about creative solutions we offer to help grow your business.

Julie Sherwood

Client Support/Database Administrator
DDI: 09 488 4274

Julie can help manage all aspects of your direct mail, email and fax requirements as well as running the maintenance of the database.

Evgenii Kondratckii

IT/Database Manager
DDI: 09 488 4275

Evgenii, our tech expert, organises all data requirements and is your first point of contact for any IT problems.

Ianna Hortaleza

Sales Administrator
DDI: 09 488 4279

Ianna is our sales administrator and works closely with Sharon to deliver tailored business growth solutions.

Kim Ford

Database Administrator
DDI: 09 488 4277

Kim is our data entry speed queen and processes SamplesFirst responders and database update letters.

Winsome Boyes

Production Assistant
DDI: 09 488 4278

Winsome is our production machine and manages the assembly and despatch of our mailhouse jobs.

Nick Feehan

Data & Accounts Administrator
DDI: 09 488 4270

Nick is our accounts whizz and will be helping with maintenance of the database.

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