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Campaign Management

Response handling

Medidata can process your campaign responses, whether they are returned by fax, post or email.


Medidata will store your promotional and medical material so it can be used for campaigns as and when it is needed.


Because Medidata is licensed by the Ministry of Health, the company can carry out pharmaceutical sample distribution on your behalf, or for that matter, any follow-up mailing needs.


Medidata is able to carry out an extensive range of reporting about your campaign including:

  • Data entry of campaign responses.
  • Reporting campaign responses by the client's own territory structure, so that your representatives have information at their fingertips as they carry out their call cycles.
  • Reporting campaign responses into those that will be fulfilled personally by your representatives (ie. High priority doctors) versus those that will simply be fulfilled by courier or mail.
  • Campaign analysis for your Product Managers and Sales Managers.

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