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What is the Deskpad?

For over 30 years, Medidata has supplied general practitioners with the Medidata Deskpad, and it has become a standard desktop accessory within most surgeries, providing doctors with a helpful surgery aid.

The Medidata Deskpad provides a highly visible, constant brand reminder for your products or services. However, there are only limited advertising opportunities providing excellent brand and product exposure available on the Deskpad which is only published once a year and distributed to all General Practitioners each December.

What is special about the Deskpad?

When you compare the visibility of your Deskpad advertisement in front of general practitioners, all day, every day, versus other advertising media, you'll find the Medidata Deskpad is very cost effective.

  • No clutter. Your advertisement is exclusive to your product category.
  • Your brand is visible at the point of prescribing. 73% of general practitioners use the Deskpad at their consulting room desk or home office *
  • Your advertising support is appreciated. 73% of GPs find the Deskpad either "useful" or "very useful" and 82% "wish to continue to receive the pad".*

* Survey conducted by Medidata December 2018

Contact Helen Roos on info@medidata.co.nz

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