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Privacy Statement

Medidata Services Ltd (Medidata) provides database services to the professional healthcare market and maintains a database of healthcare professionals (HCPs) for this purpose. These services include the collection and validation of HCP data which is used by Medidata and its clients.

Some of the HCP information that we collect is Personal information as defined in the Privacy Act 1993.

We comply with the Privacy Act relating to the use, storage, disclosure and correction of Personal Information.

Data from the database is supplied to clients on conditions governed by Medidata’s standard licence agreement including provisions that require compliance with the Privacy Act.

We collect this information only with the permission of HCPs and confirm the details on an annual basis by letter or e-mail. Medidata and its clients use this data to provide relevant and timely medical information only, including:

• The distribution of pharmaceutical medicines information and samples
• Communication of drug recalls
• Offering invitations to medical meetings and subscriptions to medical publications
• Organising medical representative visits
• Inviting participation in medical related market research

We keep your information safe by storing it on a secure server and only allowing access by members of staff who need it for the purpose of performing their work. All electronic transfers of data are securely encrypted.

A healthcare professional has the right to request a copy, to correct or request removal of their Personal Information at any time by contacting Medidata at updates@medidata.co.nz,
ph: 09 488 4274, or PO Box 31348 Milford 0741.

Policy last updated: November 2017

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